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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Im assuming you mean me when you say, "someone saying they are happy with just seeing the Amiga logo on a game".
No, sorry, but you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Where exactly would you have said that? HOwever, take your time to read the thread and find out that user "vitux" is the one that says, literally, "I love to see the logo Amiga in a box, again, this is very important and can help to encourage other companies."

And it does have to do with my point. My point is, and I said it clearly: accepting any shit just because it's "for Amiga" doesn't help, rather the opposite.

Now let's address you:

Anything people release is going to be compared to what was developed by yesteryears fully fledged commercial companies
Not true. Lobotomika expresses good examples above. I also invite you, again, to look at RGCD's catalogue.

consisting of multiple people, each with a forte, and a development budget.
Again, not true. Commercial gaming development wasn't entirely like that even in Amiga days. There was still a lot of "bedroom coding" and games done by one man teams. Also in most cases, "budget" was a non-existent word. People usually, or many times, make a game and then pitch it to a publisher.

Joe "Homebrew In His Spare Time" Public cant compete here.
Look at Mr. Beanbag and try to say that again. And the developer has even refused many times to make any sort of money out of it. This quite opposes your very point.
A labor of love still requires an audience to keep up motivation to polish something
If the world was like that, we wouldnt have any innovations. Creative people have a will of their own to create quality stuff. If you want to use teh Amiga scene again as an example, as I said, any turd released that is for, runs on or somehow has AMIGA attached to it (even if only by name) is worshiped as if it was the second coming of Jay Miner, so there would be a lot of this "love" you mention in quite an audience , making your point quite moot.

Now this leaves higher spec 68k Amigas as a more interesting target, as it has the potential to do more interesting things than what has been done to death already.
Another very poor argument. Just look at the Commodore 64, which has remained on its stock hardware forever, and what can be possible with it nowadays. Just fire up Coma Light 13 by Oxyron. Go ahead, don't take my word for it.
If a C64 is still today "learning new tricks", how can you say a more advanced machine like an A500 or A1200, in their stock config, are "done to death"??????

This game for example isnt even finished and people are already quick to dismiss it, citing it as "homebrew looking", and other such nonsense.
It's not nonsense. It's how it looks. It's a fact. It's toted as "AAA+" when an "AAA+" title would be something like Watchdogs. Do you get the difference?

There are exceptions though and some 68k fans do seem to appreciate peoples efforts without the need to know better, but honestly, given the reception people typically get, why would anyone try developing a good quality game these days for classic amiga?
It's funny because most of the people will accept anything made for Amiga, as I said before, and only because a few of us don't, you say it's "everybody" that "discourages".

In regards to c64 development, its a different kettle of fish with its much more limited graphics, and simplistic gamestyles.
In brief: you have no idea of what you are talking about.

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