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Ive enjoyed the few Christmas contests Cammy organised over the years, even if I never completed anything on time.
A few Amiga related prizes might be a nice little incentive should there be another game making contest, and could help support the scene too (perhaps things like a copy of Hollywood, Amijewelled, etc.). I also liked the idea of the top "X" places winning help to polish some graphics and sound by volunteers who might have some skills original author(s) dont, and maybe a compilation cd (with inlets) of all entrants. Top few winners could maybe have a solo packaged cd as well.

Just some random ideas mind you, nothing set in stone

These prizes however would have to be funded somehow or another. Is there enough classic users left who are willing to (not just say without delivering) donate to such a thing? Would probably need somewhere in the realm of $1K (give or take a few hundred) to do the prize thing properly, and not just a token gesture.

Not that prizes need to be the focal point, but a few nice little prizes can lend some credence to a contest. The money donated towards them (or lack of) would also demonstrate just how willing an audience is to spend a few $$ for new software, so anyone contemplating spending the time and effort in developing new 68k amiga games could get a feel for what to expect.
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