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Im assuming you mean me when you say, "someone saying they are happy with just seeing the Amiga logo on a game". That, regardless of how much you may like it to fit into your argument is not what I said. It doesn't even share the same flavor of what I was saying.


The thing is though, we have shedloads of good 68k games for low spec machines. Anything people release is going to be compared to what was developed by yesteryears fully fledged commercial companies, consisting of multiple people, each with a forte, and a development budget. Joe "Homebrew In His Spare Time" Public cant compete here. And even if he/she could just how much interest will what he develops be to people. A labor of love still requires an audience to keep up motivation to polish something, and one so opinionated as the Amiga's (as witnessed here) doesnt exactly encourage people.

Now this leaves higher spec 68k Amigas as a more interesting target, as it has the potential to do more interesting things than what has been done to death already. This however takes more time and effort again, and given the opinionated/know-better nature of so many amiga "fans" (the audience) who actually do nothing but claim to know better while discouraging people, it's easy to instead decide to target systems where people are more supportive of a persons efforts (considering the work involved isnt dissimilar to more modern systems when targetting a mid to high spec 68k system).

This game for example isnt even finished and people are already quick to dismiss it, citing it as "homebrew looking", and other such nonsense.

There are exceptions though and some 68k fans do seem to appreciate peoples efforts without the need to know better, but honestly, given the reception people typically get, why would anyone try developing a good quality game these days for classic amiga? I've certainly lost interest in trying now.

In regards to c64 development, its a different kettle of fish with its much more limited graphics, and simplistic gamestyles.

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