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The original coder of Armalyte (C64) are working on Armalyte 2 at the moment, probably also released as a boxed retail version (Tape, Disk and Cartridge). Indeed, there is nothing comparable in the Amiga scene. I'm no programmer but what's the problem to program a fully polished AA Amiga title? Not enough passion for the system? Is it to complex to get nice results in a reasonable amount of time?

people's acceptance of anything "just because it's for Amiga", a sentiment expressed above in this thread (someone saying they are happy with just seeing the Amiga logo on a game), is not going to lead to proper grade Amiga games to be developed either.
That's true. You can see this in the Atari Jaguar scene to. They buy everything for a lot of money. Some newer Jaguar games didn't have a low PD niveau.

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