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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
it's possible to do nice Amiga games with the right effort.
Well, unfortunately most of what comes out lately is just garbage. Of course, not commercial, but still, it feels like almost nobody is doing professional-grade development of Amiga games, not enough to cross the border onto making something worth purchasing. People's acceptance of anything "just because it's for Amiga", a sentiment expressed above in this thread (someone saying they are happy with just seeing the Amiga logo on a game), is not going to lead to proper grade Amiga games to be developed either.

The platform of distribution is not a problem anymore, you just need people actually making the games that are worth publishing and paying money for.

I would obviously like to pay for a proper copy of Mr. Beanbag, for example. One of the few games that are professional in the Amiga development world of late.

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
There are some C64 games but that are hobby projects by enthusiasts and not commercial development.
They aren't. I linked to the site that sells them before, RGCD:
Although the games were, most of them, originally conceived without commercial gain in mind, the quality they have is of good enough grade to be sold in a decent box and/or cartridge. That's not something I can say of the kickstarter game, which looks way too amateurish. Asking 60 pounds for such a crummy looking game is just cheeky.

Look at RGCD prices, with games costing 20 pounds, and we're talking about games with boxes, instructions and even a physical cartridge made for them.
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