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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
I have shortly looked on the german site of the company behind. Their main-product is a cross-platform environment already supporting lots of platforms. So by this kickstarter they can add a couple of new platforms and make some money with it. So from their point of view would it make sense to support a (again from their view) dead and stoneold platform? Expecially considering possible future projects who are demanding. I personal do a lot of things with Aros on 68k and it is very fun and at least on emulation you have lots of ressources but I can understand that companies do not use it as target platforms.

You must always look at it, how are the chances that there is a growing platform and the chance to earn money with it. There are some C64 games but that are hobby projects by enthusiasts and not commercial development.
That's my point. You probably don't get decent Amiga games from companies these days. This would need passion for old systems. Most of the Dremcast/Neo Geo titles from the commerical NG:DEV Team looks amateurish, compared with e.g. the hobby project Sturmwind from Duranik. That's a fully polished oldschool 2D shooter. Better than the most commerical Japan shmups for the DC.
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