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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I can't! Checked the trailer and there's nothing that a standard 68k Amiga couldn't handle. The only reason they mention an Amiga version is probably to gain more interest and nothing else.
Sorry, I dont understand this "logic". Why would they use a platform to gain interest if theyre not supporting said platform? :-)

More likely there's an "NG" enthusiast or two amongst them who decided they'd like to have a version for "amiga" systems that are easy to port to.

Anyway, I'll stop responding in this thread now. By now Im probably sounding like I have some sort of vested interest, which isnt the case.
I just think its cool to have a new boxed "amiga" title, regardless of which flavors theyve omitted, and cant bring myself to begrudge anyone who's decided to have a crack.
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