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I didnt suggest there's thousands of people who might be interested in NG "amiga" version, but rather the potential audience.
I must question just how much involvement youve had with "NG" amiga systems if you're under the impression "most of the 'modern' amiga scene user want to work seriously with there machines, not that keen about game.s"?

Ive done a few dozen ports to AROS, all of them gaming oriented. M.A.M.E is much more uptodate on NG systems vs "classic" version. Games like Hexen2, quake3, wolfenstein enemy territory, Doom3, PRBoom (gl + enhance Doom version), Odamex, UFO AI, TORCS, Assault Cube, and dozens upon dozens of others, simply dont exist for OS3.x, when they could if there was interest in porting them.

The difference being that there's also the potential for other "modern" software as well, so developers try to fill that niche as well.

Sorry, I dont mean to be attacking you and I have no interest in doing so. It's just a pet peeve of mine when people try to shape an arguement with something they clearly have little knowledge (or perhaps interest) in.
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