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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Erhm what?

Check: homebrewish look = yes
Check: 60 Pounds for a boxed version = way too expensive
Check: No classic Amiga version? = for 3,5 OS4/AROS people?
If youre so against it and have such little interest or regard then what's the problem? You clearly wouldnt buy it anyway?

Also, what the heck does "No classic Amiga version? = for 3,5 OS4/AROS people?" mean?
Im assuming its some sort of bullshit figures for the platform audience?
There's not a giant audience, but collectively between OS4.x/AROS/MOS there's an audience in the low thousands. Now hypothetically if there was enough DC users to make it to 5000 collectively (very likely under the real figure) then their goal is well within the realm of feasibility.

Now there's also the fact that it's using a "multiplatform engine", which again suggests its using SDL. Perhaps constructive criticism rather than whining would be a better idea?

There's also the fact that NG system users are often more willing to spend a few dollars to support software development (tens of thousands of dollars in bounties for starters, plus much quicker with donations).

If the negativity is due to disappointment, then perhaps as I suggested contacting the people behind it is a better idea? If youre not interested, then whats the problem? Who are you to tell others what they can spend their time developing? If it fails then so be it, but at least they gave it a crack
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