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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Good investigation
You checked it via an hex editor? Or something else?
Would this work for any game made in AMOS (if such a case was to rise again)?
Yes, as The CyberDruid has already said, AMOS will at the very least leave a list of all AMOS and 3rd party extensions in ASCII within the executable.
If the AMOS.library isn't included in the executable then the game must be run using the RAMOS program which will also be present as a separate file.

Should the game be compressed (or encrypted) in some way then the last resort is to eject the disk when the game attempts to read/write to it (dangerous I know, so only do this with copies NOT originals...). If it was made in AMOS (or AMOS Pro) you will get an AMOS requestor appear! (NB: Some programs may switch off the AMOS requester and tell it to use the workbench one instead)

Some AMOS games still leave Control+A (switch between game and Workbench) and Control+C (halt program) active, but this is not 100% reliable as someone may program those features in deliberately to software made in other languages.
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