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Now I have to eat my own words. I was so happy Grimrock would get an official expansion, but now they're going down the sequel road anyway :/

Oh well, I'll wait patiently for the user dungeons to mature. In the mean time I'll keep an eye on the website and slowly get psyched about the next game Hopefully it doesn't come TOO soon so that the user dungeons get a little breathing room to grow, but judging from the article the project is actually already in a certain state of advancement since they're building on top of what they already have.

Would be cool if Grimrock 2 would actually be more like an update than an actual sequel. New tech, new content but the old dungeons still work in it.

Other than that I hope that some core problems with the game are fixed, such as armor skills being practically useless, skill trees being nearly impossible to complete and magic being a bit underdeveloped. A larger volume of spells would certainly be welcome - heck spells that result from combining skill trees would be awesome.

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