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Hi old amiga user with a new amiga

Having Donated my amiga a3000t to the retro computer museum for safekeeping I have bought myself a new toy,

An a1200
Currently been setting up a cf card with os3.1 using win UAE, I seem to have cracked it at last and it has been a steep learning curve using amiga dos and learning about file systems and libraries WTD. All very good fun though!!

Am setting it up as a whd load machine
So far it has
4gb cf card on the IDE
Aca 1220
PCMCIA cf card reader

In the post is
Rgb scart
3.1 Roms

Should be good fun once it is running,

It's taking a while to transfer all the whdload games to the cf card in whdload but kind of impressed I have learnt a few amigados commands to copy and actually see the progress as opposed to just the clock image

I have installed scalos and various other utilities and all seems well,
Also purchased amiga forever so have a legal set of Roms for whdload
(Although I own a 500)

Lets see how this all goes

Couple of questions, is there a way to direct boot cd32 games on amiga??
Is there a way to directly run adf images without copying them to a floppy? (In the case there isn't a whdload version of the game)

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