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Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
Ok i have another question and sorry if it's a little offtopic but since i have the Clockport interface for the amiga 500 is it possible for me to plug in the Catweasel MK2 and use the IDE interface for a HD?
I'm a bit confused, i know that the catweasel is a floppy controller and when i saw the IDE pins on it it make me wonder if this is possible.
Yep, you're confusing a number of things here. First of all, the "prime directive" with the ACA500 is still standing: Before you install the ACA500, you need to remove anything from the computer that is not trapdoor-related (memory expansion with Gary-adapter can stay in).

The A500 clockport adapter can theoretically stay in, but it will not work any more with the ACA500 plugged in - the clockports will be dead, because there's a clockport on the ACA500 with accelerated timing.

The Catweasel MK2 is only a floppy-controller. The IDE headers on the board are purely for operating the unit in a computer that does not have a clockport: You can connect the unit to an IDE port instead, but you will not be able to operate anything on the IDE ports while the unit is connected to a clockport. The IDE ports must stay open when the clockport is used.

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