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Thanks for the input Thomas but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

I did forget to mention that I'm working with a workbench3.1 but at first sight it seemed to be similar with your explanation. I found the icons for disk, tool and drawer in the env-archive directory under the prefs. I then created a new icon called def_CD0 because it didn't exist here but even with Deficon installed in the wbstartup it doesn't work.
I found out that the icons for the ramdisk and the harddisks are in the root partition.
The only icon I can find for the CD0 is in the dosdrivers directory and is completely different from the one that appears when I insert a CD, infact I think this icon has got nothing to do with the appearing of an icon when a CD is inside am I correct?
But that still doesn't change the fact that a disk icon is appearing in stead of a cdrom icon.
I also noticed that when I create a hardfile and I add it in winuae instead of a harddisk icon I get a disk icon. Very disturbing !!
please, need more input.
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