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- The Navvie is the strongest mercenary. Carrying a cannon that will blast away any monster. One of his special powers is throwing a dynamite that will kill all your enemies on the screen. But he lacks speed and intelligence.
- The Thug is the second strongest mercenary. He is not so fast and smart either but his trusty shotgun and his molotov cocktails makes him very useful in battle.
- The Preacher is the smartest character and has God on his side. He carries a lightning gun that almost looks like a little wand but unleashes a powerful energy bolt that will both damage and pass trough to hit other monsters. First aid and freezing his enemies are some of his specials but beware: He has very low stamina!
- The Gentleman is my personal favourite. He is very clever and very respected person. His flame pistol will damage and pass trough every monster that he hits. He has many special tricks including Map, attract and repel monster.
- The Brigand is a very average and versatile mercenary. Shooting in all directions at the same time with his rifle is one of his specials.
- The Mercenary, a good all-arounder. His invention: the gatling gun is a very powerful weapon. He also has bombs and mines with him.
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