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I'm getting a brand new Pentium i5 quad core pc delivered on wed, so I will try out Micro64 again, I hope it will run smooth enough on that rig?
Sure it will. And you can tinker a lot with the great PAL emulation. Tons of options to mimic old CRT TVs/Monitors.

I currently use Magic Engine 1.13 for PCEngine although its a bit dated now I think and there's quite a fair bit of screen tear
Any other better or new PCEngine emulators out now for windows?
Do you use the Vsync option in ME? It works fine here, no tearing at all. Alternatives are Ootake or the multi-emulator mednafen (preferable with the available external GUIs). I however still prefer Magic Engine.

Hmm Higan sounds really good, it supports far more than just snes
It is a nearly perfect SNES emulator for sure. The other emulated Nintendo systems works good too, but maybe not with 100% perfection. You have to try it for yourself.
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