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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
What? No man, you are wrong. This is part of the overscan, and as such, the full display of the Amiga.

Now, get back on topic.
Good idea.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
On a REAL Amiga, the picture sways to the right of the monitor. It happens on an LCD TV through RGB, it happens on a monitor through Composite and it happens on my scandoubled display on a 14" VGA CRT.
Short answer: True.
So from eab old-schooler to eab old-schooler, let me put up a challenge for everyone: :
(Note: You cannot make (nor pass) this test with only an emulated Amiga within reach. Sorry.)

1. Have a REAL Amiga ready, preferably an A500 with 1084|1084S color monitor.
2. Boot with original Workbench and adjust H/V centering/stretching so that it's perfect once and for all.
3. Take 20-25 games of your choice on real floppy disk (preferably jump 'n runs, or shoot-em-ups, i.e. those known to hammer the Amiga chipset, like "Battle Squadron") and boot them, one after another. (Optionally test-play them, but that's according to your free will)

Prove me wrong what I'm going to say now:

From all 20-25 games, you will not achieve the goal of having a centered picture with all of the games without "player's intervention". Once in a while, you will have to touch the H/V centering and/or H/V stretching knob(s) of the 1084 even though you would refrain from doing so.

Happy proving!
(My assumption is that on real hardware, it will be hard for you guys to prove me wrong. Simply because I clearly do remember having to tweak the screen specs all the time with different programs/games on my 1084 (thomas said it before, IOW). Having them set to the same values for 1-2 weeks was exceptionally rare, since soon there was one game that would be special again and needed to get its H-stretching adjusted at least a bit. For an Amigan, a broken V- or H-stretching knob on his monitor is utterly a catastrophic situation .)

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