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I have a 17" NEC Multisync FE770, with a perfectly flat screen. It'll take a 30khz signal. I imagine with a scandoubler/flicker fixer it would make a perfect A1200 display.
Thanks All. John this will probably be the way I go. I like the idea of the larger screen but not too big and a flat screem. I think NEC are a good make? I need to find a scandoubler now. Do these fit in between Amiga & Display or are these a card that slot in somewhere in A1200 ?

Initially I wanted to play Elite on my A1200, would an accelerator improve such games? Maybe Frontier 2? Of course I am getting redy for the March 14 Eliteangerous. I wonder if the new generation Amigas will be able to handle software like this. So many thoughts and questions, thank you all the same for the advice so soon.

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