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A1200 display


I am looking for advice. Im a returning Amiga user but very rusty, and tbh these questions didn't occur to me back then.

I know these have been covered recently but these threads do not seem to answer what I want to know.

1 - What is the ideal display for a A1200 ? The room where my setup is going to be does not have any display except for a 2007 imac. (im guessing this will be no good for my requirements ?

2 - Can I just connect a Sony portable 14" TV CRT - how good would this be ?

3 - LCD pc monitors costs pence on eBay - is this an option ? Maybe these multisynch CRT monitors ?

As Im starting with no display at all I have the choice of which way to go but I dont know where to start.

Thanks for reading, Im sorry if this has been done to death already.

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