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Atari ST game collections, menu disks and C64 emulators

I've been setting up a Retro laptop to take around friends houses and play some classics. A few questions have popped up as I haven't downloaded emulators in years (apart from MAME and WinUAE). zSNES and Fusion seem decent for the SNES and Megadrive, but a few seem to be lacking for other formats.

I've noticed the Atari ST seems to have all its games on menu disks, so you have to refer to a library to show what's on each disk to find a game. Or do ST emulators have libraries built in?

Are there game collections for the ST that are on seperate disk images like they are for the Amiga? Or a good frontend for choosing games?

Also noticed C-64 emulators for the PC are a little basic. CC64 and WinVICE can't even load ZIP images, well WinVICE can when you add unzip to the directory but it doesn't always seem to work. Are there any up to date emulators for the good old C-64?

Thanks guys!

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