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Originally Posted by yaqube View Post
No, the Minimig board is not abandoned, it will get an update after the Minimig AGA core for the Replay board will be ready.

It depends on what you want to use it for.

The Minimig board has the highest compatibility because it has a real 68000 CPU. Although there are plans and some work has been done to recreate cycle perfect 68000 CPU core (which would improve compatibility of other Minimig's ports like Chameleon 64, C-One, MiST etc) it's long time ahead.
So if you want to play OCS/ECS Amiga games and watch demos there is no better choice.
Well , if you are always in Minimig ,( that is the best new for me ), it will stay with me !!

I was thinking this morning in what i do with my Minimig and what i did with classics Amiga i had in the past and the answer is Gaming so i don't need more than the Minimig even if i miss some Aga games .

Just one more question about Minimig , would it be possible to make a ram board for it as Kipper2K ones wich plug on the 68000 cpu ?

Thanks for your answer.

@ Lord Aga , i understand better your point of view now
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