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Originally Posted by lolafg View Post
But if i understand well Yaqube will not be in Minimig anymore and it's a big loose for Minimig users.
No, the Minimig board is not abandoned, it will get an update after the Minimig AGA core for the Replay board will be ready.

Actually i'm a bit lost , should i buy the Fpga Replay ? Should i sell my Minimig ? Wait for New next board from Yaqube ?...
It depends on what you want to use it for.

The Minimig board has the highest compatibility because it has a real 68000 CPU. Although there are plans and some work has been done to recreate cycle perfect 68000 CPU core (which would improve compatibility of other Minimig's ports like Chameleon 64, C-One, MiST etc) it's long time ahead.
So if you want to play OCS/ECS Amiga games and watch demos there is no better choice.

The Replay board is able to host Minimig AGA core (which can be switched into OCS/ECS compatibility modes) and allows all AGA stuff to work. This core comes with a lot of additional goodies: 8MB of FAST RAM, 1.5MB of SLOW RAM, 48MB of extra CHIP RAM, support for 2MB ROMs, 24-bit AHI sound, Picasso96 compatible RTG board capable of 1920x1080 resolution and full colour display (although not at the same time).

The Replay board can be easily expanded with different sorts of daughterboards. For example the one which I have made has a real 68060 CPU running at 106MHz, 128MB of local SDRAM, High Speed USB host controller, Fast Ethernet controller, RTC, micro SD card socket, TOSLINK optical audio output.

The Replay is meant to be a multi system platform which is not only limited to be Amiga compatible. Mike is working hard on other cores and having him as main developer and supporter is the best recommendation.

Bringing Replay to the market has taken longer than anybody would have expected. No one who hasn't participated in this project does realize how much work has been put into it.

My FPGA board is a matter of future and will be a more advanced version of the Replay board focusing mainly on the Amiga platform. Since I've got my Replay board for over 3 years and it is still struggling to get to wider audience I cannot recommend to anyone waiting for my new one.
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