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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Not sure..
I like it for day-to-day use..
For games?
I can't remember a game that uses it.
I'm sure there are some (flight sims maybe???) that can use it, but nothing comes to mind..

Not sure there are any that require it...

Gobliiins needs the numeric key to be pressed in order to start
At least that was the case with my version last time I tried it...

Anyway, some may be missing the point here. It is not a case of A500 VS A600. A600 is probably a better all round machine, but JonSick already has an A1200 ! So AGA games, fixed games and non trouble making games are already covered. For what he needs (specific cases of incompatibility) A500 is the most logical choice. Everything will work there, and it is super cheap. Not to mention more robust. A600s are kind of too gentle.
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