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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
What about USB? Is there something in the design that let the possibility of a future USB expansion?
There is a 34-pin fast expansion port (double Z2 speed) on the ACA500 that I will use for network and/or USB. You might know that I own a source code license for the USB stack Poseidon.

Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
I thought the ACA630 sold really well and sold out? Why not do another run? They will sell like hot cakes!
I made a carefully low quantity, and it sold slow. I'm happy it sold out, but it was near a loss, despite the high price: If an investment takes longer than expected to return earnings, interest will eat any earnings up.

Just looking at single items that go on eBay for insane amounts doesn't give any reliable information about the quantity that a market needs, and how long it takes to sell a batch.

Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
What are the definitive specs?. Will it provide ram and storage(cf)?. What's the approx. price?
There are no definitive specs for the ACA500 yet - it's still a "work in progress". 2MB Ram, 14MHz CPU, two CF card slots and the local expansion port are certain. More is under development and negotiation with programmers.

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