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New Captive style game needs test help !


I started a Captive remake project that seems to not work for everyone, and i need to find out why.

It's just a basic demo in some 3D isometric design (Captive/DM style) in wich you can move in a small area with the keyboard (can turn, strafe, advance, go backwards, several key combinations do work, try shift key holded down to strafe).
It's in 640X256 mode, in 256 colors, so for AGA machines ONLY!
It needs at least 4MB of total Ram, with preferably at least 2MB of them beeing Fast Ram, but should work with only chip ram too.

You can DL it there.

To extract it, simply use lzx like this: lzx x captive3.lzx
Or you can use the .rar file, if you can use this file format better.
Then enter in the captive3 directory, and just run captive3.

Please tell me how it does work for you, or if you have problems to execute it, and what your machine configuration is. Try the 2nd file with the other compress method if your problem comes from the compress format.

Thanks in advance.
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