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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Minimig is great for what it is. But there's not much point in upgrading it in small steps.
We need new FPGA products, with larger boards, more connectors, more features.
FPGA Arcade seems great as a clear step forward. And after that... who knows

Minimig should remain as a cheap solution for a quick light fun done the Amiga way, but some heavy artillery is just around the corner
Well , i don't totally agree with you , people who already have the Minimig , as i do and as some will (there is a new batch produced actually), want more things for the Minimig, as an example ipf support.

But if i understand well Yaqube will not be in Minimig anymore and it's a big loose for Minimig users.

Actually i'm a bit lost , should i buy the Fpga Replay ? Should i sell my Minimig ? Wait for New next board from Yaqube ?...
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