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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
No can't remember the name sorry.

It's just a basic demo, you can move in a small area with keyboard (can turn, strafe, advance, go backwards).

You can DL it there.

To extract it, simply use lzx like this: lzx x captive3.lzx
Or you can use the .rar file, if you can use this file format better.
Then enter in the captive3 directory, and just run captive3.

It's in 640X256 mode, in 256 colors. When i have time, i'll try a HAM8 mode, see if it looks better.
Couldn't get the demo to run from either of the downloads, something to do with my configuration maybe?

Yes tried Relokick also but won't boot down to 1.3 - someone mentioned that the Apollo may not be compatible with it....not to worry now that I have exhausted all the options I can start playing away from HD without going back to the start again in a few weeks! thanks for the help.
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