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Originally Posted by JonSick View Post
I'm looking for a partner to my A1200 to cover older non-A1200 titles. Is there any real difference in terms of compatibility between the A500 and A600?
There's very little difference between the 2.
The major compatibility issue is Kickstart. If you get an A500 with Kickstart 2.x or higher, you have the same issues...

Really, WHDLoad takes care of most of those issues on an A1200..

Yes, WHDLoad usually requires more RAM than standard, but you can use it for smaller games with just the standard RAM and any games with those compatibility issues are the really old smaller games.

Also, degrader (is that what its called?) on the A1200 will let your 1200 pretend it's an older system for compatibility. I haven't used that much on the 1200, but I hear it works well.

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