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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I really don't see the point. A 10 year old should be more than capable of customising his own startup-sequence.
Sure he is, but that's hardly helpful. The system still needs to be bootable ofter, and, well, thats more unlikely.

Originally Posted by JimNeray View Post
Can you explain a little bit more what you want ? I'm not sure to understand you.
The thing is, storing a bunch of different startup-sequences, simply isn't a useful resource. So, you got MiamiDX, ACATune, and 51 other mods & tools installed. I got the two first, and 51 OTHER mods & tools installed. Our startup-sequences will look very different.

I've had my A1200 for about 20 years by now, and i haven't got a clue what makes the startup-sequence tick. I use a pre-compiled installer (WB-Classic ADVSP) and add the stuff for my WiFi & ACA1230 pretty much by copy n' paste, based on guesses as to where they go... For some reason my 8GB CF works with WinUAE, but not with the actual Amiga. Have yet to try and transfer the content to the 4GB, and see if it works there, might just be the CF that the A1200 doesn't like.

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