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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I replaced the green OS 3.9 drawer-icon in ENV/SYS with a masonicon-one. Now, when i create a new drawer, it get´s the old green icon, instead of the new one... why is that?
It should work after a reboot if you have changed it in Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys/
Env/Sys/ is in Ram, changing it here will make it work without reboot, but the change will be lost after a reboot.
The name and type are correct? (def_drawer type drawer)

Originally Posted by elowan View Post

Things still missing:
  • a nice Icon (Masonicon?) for the Ram Disk to replace the OS3.9 one
  • Replacements for avi, bmp, font, brush, lha file-icons
  • a faked "transparent" background for AmiDock (MacLikeDock still won´t startup and PolyNet 68k also fails)
So... just a few steps and a few hours left, till this conversion is done.

Thanks for your support
The def_brush icon can be found in the PPaint drawer of either of these:

Don't think the others are available, so you will have to source them from OS4.1 or find/make alternatives.

MacLikeDock requires pngalpha.library, and a Screengrab tool, do you have them installed?

You will need to edit the path to the ScreenGrab tool in the MacLikeDock prefs (text file).

If you want Amidock on the bottom left with text, I think you need to crop and keep the height of your icons (64) plus 20 (this might vary due to text size) from the bottom of the backdrop you are using. Then load it as the dragbar and icon area pattern.

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