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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Difficult? Nope.. Done it a lot.

But it's much easier to just drag/drop files onto the card from the main OS which (for me) is the point. ;-)

Remember, if you are doing it in WinUAE, you have to copy files back and forth from inside WinUAE.
So, steps:

Plug in the card.
Start WinUAE
Within WinUAE, copy files to/from a shared directory on your PC.
Shutdown WinUAE
Unplug Card


Plug in card
Drag/drop files
Unplug card

I actively have done both methods, and I prefer the 2nd, even tho the first isn't that tough. If you can make it a bit easier, why wouldn't you want that?


theres nothing wrong with that at all,its just having two slots and not being able to hotswap means powering down the amiga unplugging the card transfering the files on the pc plugging it back in and powering back up,which for "me" is pointless and inconvenient because i could just do the same thing with one drive.

i already transfer files with cf cards i "can" hotswap,including zips cd's dvd's and pen drives via usb.on amigas.

i would understand if just one port was not hotswappable becuase of the bootdrive but its only because you have to power down the system to transfer thats all.
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