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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
No, I don't (as mentioned multiple times before). The spirit of this news item (published in august 2012) is "I want to keep the cost of our hobby as low as possible". High-cost products have been selling extremely slow lately, and low-cost products can only make so much margin, keeping my employees and me alive. There's only a small range of products that hit the sweet spot between "affordable" and "feeds me", and the ACA630 is not in that range.

The ACA630 was a very expensive card, and it sold too slow to justify another production run. The ACA620 sells a lot better, and even if it sold as slow as the ACA630, it wouldn't hurt that much. This teaches me not to look into high-price projects unless I have a contractor with very deep pockets.

Thanks for the reply. I enjoy my ACA 620, Indivision ECS and A604.

If you released ACA620 first than ACA630 would sell faster for more.
New users like me don't wanna spend much at first, but then all you want is SPEED. I would pay £250 for something to speed up my baby Amiga now.
Anyway I think future is in FGPA for Amiga 600 as size won't permit 040 or 060 and new CPU are non existent (crazy expensive)
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