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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
is it really that difficult to use a cf card in winuae?
Difficult? Nope.. Done it a lot.

But it's much easier to just drag/drop files onto the card from the main OS which (for me) is the point. ;-)

Remember, if you are doing it in WinUAE, you have to copy files back and forth from inside WinUAE.
So, steps:

Plug in the card.
Start WinUAE
Within WinUAE, copy files to/from a shared directory on your PC.
Shutdown WinUAE
Unplug Card


Plug in card
Drag/drop files
Unplug card

I actively have done both methods, and I prefer the 2nd, even tho the first isn't that tough. If you can make it a bit easier, why wouldn't you want that?

Offended? :-) Nope.. I just disagree with your use of the word "pointless." Don't see how any offence could be taken.
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