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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
He would need a buffer on the IDE port for it to be able to drive a cable (it has an inherent capacitance). More components would obviously increase cost so it's a trade off that fell against the IDE port.
i understand that,but why two cf ports?

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Not speaking for Jens or this card, but I have a dual CF card setup on my Amiga 1000.
The first card is my OS and Data.
The second card is FAT and I use it for transferring files to/from the PC.
No, it's not hot swap, but still.. Nice to have..

(p.s. I generally don't leave the FAT card mounted in the A1000 to save memory. These large drives eat up more memory when mounted..)
if its not hotswappable it makes having two a bit pointless if you have to power down to remove one anyway.

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