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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
100% true. Preload is THE essential tooltype for smooth/fast loading, as you would expect from normal Amiga HD installable games. Disable it should be only a temporary solution till you get some (enough) fastram.
50% agree! ;-)

I did run with Preload OFF for a while, and it is NOT essential.
Yes, the flashing was annoying, but compared to floppy swapping on those games... It was worth it..
(Which is funny, because I like using floppies on my Amiga 1000, for the full experience. But my 1200, I want no swapping.)

So, on my 1200, I did not prefer to use floppies. The screen flashing was annoying but it wasn't so persistent that I stopped.

It was persistent enough that I decided I needed more RAM. ;-)
So, it wasn't a killer, but it was a motivating factor. ;-)

Is more RAM required, probably not. Is more RAM VERY VERY NICE.. ;-)

Also, I think WHDLOAD 17 handles preload differently (automatically or something). I had more RAM already when it was released, but I thought I read that..

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