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Installing scene productions

I'm trying to install all of the Grapevine disk mags to my hard drive but have ran in to some problems. Issues 16-21 work fine but any from before that and they just will not work. I haven't tried on my real Amiga but in WinUAE GV15 runs normally from a disk image but not when ran from workbench with an 060 cpu selected (what I have in my real Amiga). I assume it will be the same on my Amiga, I know it won't run from Workbench but haven't tried it from disk. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

I also want to install all LSD and Loons docs disks (can imagine problems coming with that too) so any help appreciated. I realise you can get all the docs disks in text format, but I like using the interfaces and listening to the mods for the proper old school experience.

Were any fixes made if needed? how about Whdload slaves? (can't find any if there is any).
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