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Anyone playing Captive?! Need some help...


I've started playing Captive again (awesome game!) using my 'Freedom Disk'! save game disk from way back where i'd made a bit of progress and want to keep the old gang together. I have an A1200 040 Apollo 32mb. Here's some of the problems:

1. If i play from floppy using the original and my save game disk, i use a combination of mouse and key pad, key pad to run away from those sh*t scary bad guys (combo the only way to play i would have thought?), but with the A1200, regardless of memory/accelerator add-on, the key pad moves the droids twice for every one time a key is pressed, making it a no-go to play. Disabling CPU caches etc doesn't work. Can't get relokick to work and with TUDE captive won't boot or if it does am faced with same problem.

2. Using a WHDLoad installer I can install using original floppy and (rather excellently) can install my original save game disk. Now i can play from HD. Only problem here is that if I try to save a game to HD it crashes. The game does actually save but you have to reload. Anyone who remembers playing Captive will know that saving the game every 10 or so seconds was not unusual!

I'm not being ungrateful, getting to play again from HD with my original save disk is amazing and is why I will have to cancel Valentines Day activities later, and is why I register and support WHDLoad, but if anyone knows how to play either from floppy or HD with no probs please let me know, thanks!

That was long winded, sorry.....

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