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I installed the latest ClassAction now - and now i got some more icons
I guess, there went something wrong, when installing the program for the first time. Now it is working in the right way.

I found out, that with KDEView, the icons for Ram disk, drives ,etc are displayed, when browsing the ENV/SYS drawer, also. I guess, i´ll be able to manage the replacement of the disc-icons now

So, to take advantage of all new icons, what step(s) must be done next?
Example: I replaced the green OS 3.9 drawer-icon in ENV/SYS with a masonicon-one. Now, when i create a new drawer, it get´s the old green icon, instead of the new one... why is that?

Things still missing:
  • a nice Icon (Masonicon?) for the Ram Disk to replace the OS3.9 one
  • Replacements for avi, bmp, font, brush, lha file-icons
  • a faked "transparent" background for AmiDock (MacLikeDock still won´t startup and PolyNet 68k also fails)
So... just a few steps and a few hours left, till this conversion is done.

Thanks for your support
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