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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I ran whdload on my plain unexpanded 1200 (only 2M, all CHIP) for a bit and there were games that would run. I can't remember how much couldn't tho.. (I remember disabling floppy image caching in WHDLoad to get some to work..)
That's the whole secret: Disable preload, and most, if not all games work. Face it: Preload doesn't win that much over CF card loading, because even a slow CF card is 75 times faster than a real floppy.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
but I was hoping that you might have plans for a series of FPU equipped accelerators or even better a 68040 and 68060 powered aca series?
No plans for an FPU on any accelerator, sorry.

Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Do you plan to support de older ACA1230 (28/42/56) models too ?
I tried it, but gave up pretty quickly. The PLL on the ACA1230 goes wild "behind" the PLL of the ACA500. Check a few of the earlier posts in this thread; the requirement is "async interface", otherwise we have no chance.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Indeed, the "flat" design looks good - just curious as to why you wouldnt have the aca500 board component-side up?

That way the CF Cards can be inserted the "right way" up and when ppl open up their aca500 they can see all the pretty chips?
What you call "pretty" is "most ugly" in other people's eyes. I want to make a black PCB with white silkscreen print, and with components facing down, it doesn't look that much like "open electronics" - probably enough to not require a case.

There are a lot of CF card readers out there where you need to insert the cards "label side up", and it's not even written on them. CF cards can only be inserted "wrong way" with brute force, so it's not a real requirement to write that on the product near the slot(s). That's just for convenience.

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