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Originally Posted by jiffy View Post
From an internal 030 with a nice amount of ram it went to an 020, to a plain 68000 with only a tiny amount of ram, to an external 'solution'.
Not sure why you (and others) think that I ever planned an 030 accel for the A500. At first, I wanted an internal 68020 with the option for an A1200 accel, and people complained why it's "only" an 020, and they'd have to buy an 030 on top of that.

I took that criticism and downsized to 68EC000, so you don't have a valuable 32-bit CPU sitting there idle when you choose a fast A1200 accel.

Originally Posted by jiffy View Post
The 68000 I can live with, as I don't really need much extra speed for my 500 (anything above standard is nice, but not vital as I have other Amigamodels for that). The amount of ram is to low to be usable to me though, while an external solution is also not acceptable for me. Too bad, it looked nice while it lasted.
If you already have other Amigas that you can use for WHDload, you're not the target group for the ACA500. I want to address the people who are *returning* to the Amiga - those who have been away for over a decade. What they need is a harddisk-replacement (CF card!), and enough memory to compensate for the circa 350k that you need to run Workbench (note that all popular games were written for A500 with 512k Chip and 512k trapdoor memory). In essence, you'll have 1MB Fastmem sitting there idle most of the time.

The ACA500 covers the vast majority of usecases for that group.

The "flat design" is really routable. Feedback from is mostly positive. Also, the "early ROM idea" appears to work and gives hope for a software solution that makes the ACA500 compatible with the B1230-IV. This does NOT mean that we can actually make it compatible - it only means we have hope. It's work in progress.

The "flat" mechanical concept is "component side down", while the component side of the A1200 accel would be "up". CF cards must be inserted label side down, and I am NOT planning a metal cover any more. With a black PCB and components invisible (facing down!), the appearance won't be "open electronics" any more. One metal part will be there: A bracket that supports the CF card slots and is standoff at the same time - at least I'm hoping that I can unite these two functions in a single part.

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