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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Just a thought chaps, lately a fair few whdload games have been found not to work as they were ported on 68020's - to save the hassle of someone reworking them all, would it be possible for a late change to a 68020?

Ps many ecs demos also require an 020 to work - I've a really nice a500+ that plays most stuff fine but its starting to be annoying when I keep finding stuff targeted for 020's.
I think the board as-is is spot on, because it provides what the A500 really needs: a significant speed boost to run whdload games seamlessly and to improve polygon-based games (F1GP and several flight sims come to mind). Plus, the FPGA-based design would theoretically enable the possibility of easily making alternate boards, with 020s or 030s later on...

Besides, even right now (at least in my experience) lots of whd games work fine on the a500+, they're just kind of slow. I found that about half of the games that won't work on a 512KB/1MB chipmem a500 work fine on a 2MB chipmem a500+ (provided you have at least 4MB of REAL fastmem, of course). However, I think many whdload slaves will be backported to 68000 once the Zeus is available, given time.

Now, isn't the A500 the most "compatible" Amiga ever? I mean, most Amiga software was written in its heyday (87-91), but that's just me...
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