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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
also got "AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2"
Yes, I forgot it does this - been a while since I last installed BB2. You can just rename this one to "AmigaOS ROM Update" and replace the original.

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I want to change the disk-icons with ClassAction, but this program seems to be broken (buttons without text, see attachement)
And it doesn´t show the picture of the icons, just a file-list. I found no way to set something like and icon-view in the classaction prefs...
There should be a button to view icon images. If you are using the images I posted up it should look exactly like this, apart from the pattern:

Click image for larger version

Name:	ClassAction_WBInfo.png
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The buttons without text are correct, you can press on them to select a different directory. But, as you can see from my screenshot, you do have icon images missing. If you have installed the latest version of ClassAction it should be in a MRE drawer. Inside this drawer should be an Executables drawer and an Icons drawer (among others). ClassAction should be in the Executables drawer and will look for the images in the Icons drawer. If this is correct then check your prefs.

You don't have to view disk icons to replace them though - just make sure the icons you want have the same names, and then copy them over the originals. Then change them all to disk type afterwards...

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