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Well, going by game play and not so much by graphics, I would have to say that Alien Breed 3D swept me off my feet once I got a couple levels into it.

Having been through it's resources to try to create my own AB3D game for Odamex, I noticed a lot of short cuts that they took to make this DOOM clone run so well on an Amiga, and at the same time while playing this I noticed a lot of cool features that DOOM did not have which still amaze me to this day.

AB3D II also had some really interesting lighting effects, but the level design was rather drab and the texture lay out did not look like it had any effort thrown into it. All in all, like some of the Amigas other FPS', it came across as a tech demo more than it did as an enjoy able game.

I'd also vote Citadel as I really enjoyed it even though technically it was only on par with Wolfenstein 3D. Sadly I can not find the original American disks for the life of me. :/
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