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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
That's for the actual game market. Publishers have mis-educated their public, by only doing strategy games, FPS, and MMO. Video Games have never been that much poor. Back in the day we had arcade, platform, adventure, strategy, minds games.
Actually it's the other way around... those who spend money only bought that kind of games (and with a big $$$ grin for producers they love WOW-esque subscription games). The flood of ever samish FPS around 2005 finally woke me up The 'big' gaming market was trapped with very tight restrictions as to what would be a 'successful' game (keeping in mind that FIFA and PES work too). Of course there still are exceptions, but the majority of games especially for PC is just another clone of a well established genre known to sell.

I'm not sure if that has an actual influence on piracy. In my case it just meant a general decrease of time spent playing games. At least new games that is and in turn also spending money on them. After some time I discovered that there are still niche markets for adventures and other classic genres. That's where my money wents

Just don't buy games that you feel are merely average. If you should 'pirate' them instead is another question and I think there are better ways to spend your time than to play mediocre games
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