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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post

Nah really, this picture with this guy bearing the motto "Retro Gaming is killing the industry" is the worse bullshit ever.

This makes the guys (managers and all) working in it to NEVER question themselves (why have we failed ? Why is the game not selling like little buns ?)

I had a chat many weeks ago with the ex ocean member i'm friend with, and he told me that his boss (the guy behind croisiere pour un c.a.d.a.v.r.e) catched the big head.........

Here it is, and where we are..... they are not listening to players, they think they have the almight on how to succeed..... Problem, reality is catching up them badly.....

Piracy is the consequence of games sold full price, that have nothing special...... like any other product, you need to make users wanting to buy out the product, and that's the other flaw.

That's for the actual game market. Publishers have mis-educated their public, by only doing strategy games, FPS, and MMO. Video Games have never been that much poor. Back in the day we had arcade, platform, adventure, strategy, minds games.

We have not the choice, if you want arcade or platform, they force you to buy a console, and if you want FPS, strategy, MMO, buy a PC.

That's why to me all this leads to "piracy". "Piracy" in itself is wrong regarding the law, but looks 60 or 70 euros for a 2 or 3 hours game
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