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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
2.) I wouldn't be too confident about how little people use pirated games as a test version before they buy the game. Also I don't think that the statement 'people who accept/use pirated software wouldn't have bought the original anyway' is that far off. Just saying that piracy = lost sales might not be 100% true.
Your completely right on that one.... Its not far off In fact, we all use that same statement today..

I often wonder despite piracy and all, even on the Amiga, why when it the thud. we all have a different "more up tight" view on piracy on the Amiga, but fast forward to today, and that same assumption is: "more loosey"

I'm not saying nothing is being done.. its just today, we see developers are kind of "trying this and that", but are more of an open market, where they are just accepting it "as is" compared to the Amiga.

maybe its just a bigger hole thats been dug.. and they finally are realising, even though they still try.

Or maybe its just coz their is too much of it now days. you cannot control it any more.

It seems. the small footprint of this on the Amiga/Commodore days, they were at least "having a lid on the situation" ..... totally unaware that the lid will burst. Since Commodore actually believed/like any company would today for that matter, of controlling it.

Basically Commodore was shooting blank bullets.

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