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Smile Hello everyone

Hi folks.

I just wanted to say "Hi" to all you dear Amiga followers out there.

After some years of silence and "having other things to do" I recently came back to my amiga roots by reinstalling the latest version of WinUAE.

As I really switched as late as late as possible to the windows side only a few years ago the whole PC experience started getting on my nerves by now.

My miggy was sold back in the days to trade in for a Peg2 but as I started to build myself a small little webdesign company I used it more and more on the linux side and one day as business went on and on it sadly couldn't fullfill all of the needs that had to be done for my customers. So after somewhat between 15 and 20 years of pure Amiga pleasure I decided to cut the final curtain and bought myself a PC.

I mean it's quite ok for doing it's deeds but after my business finally went down I got this deep urge to do something creative again. And this windows alone simply doesn't inspire me ... can't quite explain it.

Back in the days after my final switch to x86 I naturally did set up a decent WinUAE config really fast but somehow other things in my life became more and more time consuming (you all know the story, falling in love, meeting the girl and so on ... )

Now I'm back with a new setup based on the latest WinUAE and I'm beginning to feel quite happy with it although I did come across a few glitches.

As you can see I'm from good ol' germany and a friendly user in a german forum called "amiga-news" pointed me to this forum for help with the emulator ... and so here I am.

"Thore" (as he is called in the german forum"): It would be nice to hear from you here too.

Right today I started working on some remixing of the MUIMine gfx sets and I hope it gets to the point where I can upload some stuff to Aminet in the not so distant future as this is something I always wanted to contribute too since I first heard of it.

So have fun folks and keep the faith.

Amiga - Back for the Future !!!



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