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New Developments (hard/soft) For Retro Systems

While the Amiga is still my favorite platform I also enjoy most other retro systems. However due to the convenience of emuators, and the distraction of the plethora of old games for these systems Ive not really followed new developments for machines other than the amiga.

So rather than trawl the internet I thought Id start a thread here to hopefully get others to share any info/links/pics/etc. they may have in regards to interesting upgrades and other hardware for their respective favorite retro machines.

Personally speaking the c64 was/is my 2nd favorite machine, and even that has a bunch of "new" things Id like to learn about. Supercpu, ramlink, ide64, sdcard readers, etc. are all things I see mentioned here and there, but other than what can be garnished from the names information on them remains elusive (apart from supercpu, which I believe has a 20mhz 65816 cpu).

As well as being interested in this information for myself I suspect there'd be others here that might be interested to learn about "new" retro hardware, so please share if you have anything to share

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I just now remembered about an fpga coco3 system that I briefly saw once so being that its sort of on topic thought I should remind myself to look into it by reminding me about it here.
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