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cdrom icons wrong

This is not really a winuae problem but since there's no general amiga os thread and the problem occurs when using winuae I decided to post it here ( other alternative would have been apps prob ).

Using the new winuae0822R3 I transferred everything from my real 'Amiga' hardisk to a couple of PC directories.
I had an A1200 which had a CDROM attached to it.
However in winuae the old cdromdriver was unable to detect the cdrom from my PC.

After installing IDEfix this was 'fixed' :-) but since the drive was the 2 one ( the old cdromdriver being CD0 ) it was labeled CD1. This gave me a disk icon for it in stead of a CDROM icon.
Since then I removed both drivers and reinstalled the new driver as CD0 however nothing changed.

My question now is, this is most likely an easy one for you guys but I never figured it out, how are the devices linked to the icons. I know the .info file holds the icon for a certain apllication but I don't fully understand the linking of lets say a general drawer or floppydisk or the devices to their icons.

If any of you could help me out here or point me to a site where I can find some documentation on it that would be great. All I was able to find so far was the difference between a default icon and a dynamic one like the xen icons.

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