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Originally Posted by Emu Amiga View Post
the crappiest Joystick i've used was the original Atari 2600 joystick. Back in '77 as in 1977, i actually managed to break a few of these.
I have to ask, but what other '77 do you think people might mistake "'77" for? :P
Unless there's time travellers amongst us that youre aware of, or people who were playing video games with 9 pin joysticks in the 19th centuary it doesnt quite seem worth pointing out

Back on topic though, my vote would have to go for the Speek King. Awkward as all heck for pretty much anything but a joystick waggler type game. I have a sneaking suspicion that I mightve voted to those TI/99 sticks someone else posted about earlier though if Id ever used one

As for the cd32 joypad I almost really like them. If it wasnt for the flimsy feel and the weak rubber in the d-pad they'd have been one of my all time favorite joypads. Theyre so much more comfortable and less hand cramping than things like a competition pro (typically Im not a big joypad fan (although I love the xbox360 pads almost as much as Nintendo appears to (anyone who has seen or played a Wii U will understand the reference))).

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